Monday, August 30, 2010


Looking for a FUNDRAISER??? Ask me I will give 25% back to your organization.


My Cheerleader

Miss Bella is loving every moment of cheering....Ben and my Dad have a heart attack every time she is lifted in the air. I say what is the difference with my boys on the field or court. I just pray they all are safe, have fun and learn what is it to be part of a team...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Til Midnight tomorrow....

I am so excited to share with you the great incentive that Sashay is holding til midnight tomorrow and I am holding til the end of August. I have reattached the Sashay information packet and letter I send out to help you get started with the business. DO NOT MISS OUT on this great way to start an AMAZING opportunity with Sashay. See incentive below...
Sashay is offering $200 prepack of jewelry with option A,$300.00 pre pack with option B and $50.00 pre pack with $99.00 option
I am offering $200.00 if free product selected by you from the new fall catalog to be released on Sept 23rd.*with option A or B and Sample Club.

I am so excited that you’re thinking about this opportunity! Whether you are wanting to just buy the jewelry and accessories at cost, start a home-based business for extra cash, or get out with the girls and have some fun a few nights a month, Sashay has much to offer. It’s thrilling to get in on the ground floor of an amazing business opportunity that has such an astounding potential.

We’re in the process of growing and developing this wonderful opportunity nationwide and are looking forward to making your commitment a success. Your success is something I take personally - I’ll help you get started any way I can. I am very committed to helping my consultants succeed, and will provide as much time and effort as needed to make you succeed in your endeavor.


Vanessa Cuevas
Sashay Emerald Director II