Thursday, April 30, 2009

Magic Basketball Fundraiser

Dear Friends and Family,
Please come out and support these great group of boys for our Magic Basketball Yard Sale.
It will be held on Sat May 2,2009 from 6am to Noon at 124 E Liberty Lane Gilbert Az 85296 in Gilbert Estates.....
These boys are not only great athletes but great students and have great character, please tell all your friends and family about this great event... We have lots of goodies what is the saying one persons garbage is another person treasure....I hope I said it right...Please post this for me on all your blogs..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jr High Basketball

Where does time go. As you know I am a little behind on my blogging so I thought I would share BJ's 8th grade basketball team won the championship game this season. Way to go!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I am the LUCKIEST Mommy..... I get to go on the Oceanography trip!!!!! I went with BJ and this year I went with Xavier.
You never really realize how independent your children are until you are alone with them with there piers (I know he is my most responsible but independent?). He just LOVES me to pieces but really likes to do things on his own unlike my other three. BJ is 14 and still loves me to be around his friends and thinks I am pretty cool,Antonio and Bella they are both the babies and that says it all....But Xavier he just needs me at a distance...He is so funny and all the kids like to hear what he has to say. His laugh is so contagious (it is one of those laughs from the bottom of your tummy that makes your stomach hurt). I am just so proud to be his Mom and watch him grow up and be such a fun loving boy...It was neat to see how he interacts with his friends and just how stinkin smart he his....
He loved that he got to sleep in a room with his buddies, he said they laughed and had snacks and crashed out and they thought they were pretty cool...
When we got home I asked him if I could go to Science camp with him he said "Mom I will be OK why don't you stay home with Isabella she will miss you" I guess that means Mom I am INDEPENDENT... What a BLESSING to know I am raising such a good kid...


To my dear friends that are ENGLISH teachers I know I am a bad speller and lots of times I will have run on sentences...But that is why you love me because I am ME!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I AM BACK!!!!!!

We have been SOOOOO busy....SO many new changes in our lives all for the better. I have learned you do not always know why things happen but if you place complete trust in the lord he will show you the answer.
We moved to Gilbert and Ray it was of course due to the economy and a real tough time but the situation has HUMBLED me beyond belief. It has reminded me to trust in the lord . It reminded me I needed to slow down and to put my family first which I always THOUGHT I did but I have learned to say NO.... It has reminded me who my true friend are.... SOOO many great things have come out of such a tough time...I do miss my old neighborhood but I am SOOOOO lucky to have made friends that will be forever....


I have SOOOO much more to share........