Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My BABY BOY!!!! Does he get a lot a grief for it but he does not care he is ALWAYS right beside me,sometimes I forget because he is so quiet..... He is an over achiever but a healthy one he loves to be the BEST at reading,FOOTBALL,BASKETBALL and anything pretty much he does,but never brags only to his big Bro BJ!!!(Not to brag but he is pretty darn good at all tree of those things) I always dreamed to have a child who loves to be with his Mom and boy did I get one....He loves to watch and listen to everything around him and because of that it makes him a wise young nine year old!!!!! He is protective of his baby sister but also has taught her to be tough and be able to hang out with the boys!!!!! I love his dimples and just love him and the fact the even though he is a athlete he lets his Mommy cuddle with him........

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Amy said...

Vanessa -
I totally caught on to all of this and can agree from the time I spent with him that day... so serious, such an older spirit... yet cracked when the boys were too much to handle! He is soo cute too, you forgot to mention that!